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Are you a student with an interest in cybersecurity? Due to the constant challenges, global impact, diverse roles, and the satisfaction of protecting digital assets from evolving cyber threats, working in cybersecurity is fascinating. Do you have what it takes? If so, you might be the first Cybersecurity Talent of the Year! 

Are you our first Cybersecurity Talent of the Year? 

To apply, you need to have studied for 3–4 years at a university or college, have basic programming skills and an interest in cybersecurity.   


If you are a driven, kind and committed student with an interest in these topics or you know someone who has – then it is time to apply or nominate! The last day to apply is January 28th, 2024

What do you win?  

The winner will be offered the chance to receive mentoring from Omegapoint for the remainder of their study period, ensuring the best possible start for a career in cybersecurity. The winner will also be offered the opportunity to participate in one of Omegapoints competence conferences during the autumn 2024. Further, the winner gets the opportunity to visit some of our offices and will also have a one-on-one meeting with the authors of the book “Secure by design”. Last, but not least, the winner gets two free tickets to Omegapoints student conference on the 12th of April 2024. 

What happens after you apply? 


During the beginning of 2024, the finalists will be invited to Omegapoint headquarters in Stockholm for a presentation and assessment round. In connection with this, the finalists will also get a chance to network, among other activities. The CyberSecurity Talent of the Year will be crowned at Universum Awards in March. 

Skvader Media - Photographer: Rickard Olausson
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Omegapoint are leaders within cyber secure digitalisation in Northern Europe. With a vision of a future where technology can be trusted, we use our expertise to make systems, people, and society secure to evolve. We are highly skilled and always kind, something that is characterised by our continual competence development and determination to share our knowledge. Omegapoint is rapidly growing and has more than 900 consultants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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