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“To be innovative, you need many different perspectives”


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Ida Davidsson, Sustainability Data Scientist, is passionate about building strong relationships and emphasises the importance of a network in creating a more sustainable bank. Her team's mission is to encourage a sustainable mindset within the organisation, helping colleagues incorporate ESG data into their processes and building sustainable products.

Prior to joining SEB in 2022, Ida worked in the banking industry in the UK and Spain for several years. She saw the role at SEB as an opportunity to steer her career in the direction of sustainable banking.


“I also knew that SEB was known for its friendly culture and focus on new technologies. I was used to working in old systems, but here I get to work in Google Cloud,” she explains.

“You can talk to anyone within the bank”

From her first day at SEB, Ida was encouraged to build relationships and networks within the organisation, something she continues to do every day.


“You can talk to anyone within the bank, from a senior manager to a trainee. Everyone is open to new encounters.”


In her day-to-day work, Ida places great importance on the relationships she has with her small team. As one of only three members, building a close bond with her colleagues is vital to ensure a sense of security when expressing ideas and opinions.


“As many professionals know, a personal connection with colleagues can greatly enhance collaboration and productivity in the workplace,” she says.

Exchanging ideas and experiences

SEB’s innovative approach is enriched by the many different perspectives of its employees. The bank has several networks, such as Women in Tech, where women from different backgrounds and roles can exchange ideas and experiences.


“To be innovative, you need many different perspectives,” Ida explains.

Leave your comfort zone

When asked if she has any advice for new joiners to SEB on building long-term relationships, Ida says that it is essential to get out of your comfort zone and build up the courage to talk to people outside of your team.


“Networking is key. I can relate to anyone who finds it daunting to talk to new people. I was so nervous and hardly spoke to anyone when starting my first job after graduation. However, building relationships is crucial for personal and professional growth, and the more you do it, the more confident and skilled you become.”

Text: Sara Schedin


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