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“SKF is an unexpected playground for engineers”


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Taking on a new role in a new company and country all in one move is not an easy feat, yet Dr Nadine Nagler did exactly that and is excelling as manager at SKF.

From disassembling dolls to leading teams in two different locations – Dr Nadine Nagler shares her passion for engineering and insights into her dynamic role at SKF.

Dr Nadine Nagler

Titel: Manager of Product Development and Engineering

Education (skola och examensår): TU Clausthal, Dr.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering, 2016, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, EMBA 2022

What do you prefer to do on a day off? I’m a bookworm so reading is always on the agenda. I also love to sail on my boat here in Gothenburg.

Tell me about your journey at SKF!

– I joined SKF two years ago, relocating from Germany. In one go I moved to a new country, company, and role. Along with initiating a reorganisation, the primary focus of my journey has been to empower my team, providing a framework for growth, and exposing them to new opportunities.

When did you know you wanted to pursue engineering?

– I’ve always had a strong passion for how things work. When I was little, rather than playing with dolls, I’d disassemble them to understand how they were built. Engineering became a natural path.

What do you enjoy about working at SKF?

– The welcoming atmosphere, diversity and openness in the company! It’s quite different from the average corporate environment in Germany. SKF’s leadership culture also allows a lot of freedom and supports good ideas, giving individuals the chance to shape their own path within the company.

“SKF has a strong commitment to promoting female leaders”

How does SKF support women's career growth?

– SKF has a strong commitment to promoting female leaders, both in project-based roles and line leadership positions. It’s partly done through frequent talent reviews, where potential female leaders are identified. The company also places importance on achieving a work-life balance and encourages involvement with universities and students. The support system for female talent is evident.

Why should young female talents consider applying to SKF?

– When you think about it, our products are almost everywhere. Everything that rotates relies on bearings. This means you’ll have an impact on, and get to work with, a multitude of applications and  industries worldwide. SKF also offers great opportunities to explore different roles within the company. It’s an unexpected playground for engineers.

What are your views on gender equality and career opportunities in the future?

– I envision a future where gender equality is the norm, and discussions about it are unnecessary. Prioritising family care and parental leave should be integrated into workplace policies to ensure everyone has choices that don’t negatively impact their career journeys.

What experience are you most proud of?

– Witnessing the growth and transformation of my team. When I started, my team was quite homogeneous. But through intentional efforts, we’ve become more diverse in terms of age, nationality, and seniority. It has led to great shifts in mindset and behaviour – they’ve transformed into effective leaders.

Text: Katarina Gunnerholm


SKF är ett globalt hållbarhetssträvande företag som erbjuder lösningar runt den roterande axeln. I kärnan av verksamheten, som etablerades för mer än 100 år, finns lager, tätningar, mekatronik, smörjsystem och service. Det strategiska fokuset, som kommer göra SKF snabbare och mer beslutskraftigt, ligger inom områdena Digital försäljning, Nya affärsmodeller, Innovation, Tillverkning i världsklass, Framtida medarbetaren och Cleantech.

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