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“Cross-market collaboration is commonplace”


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As a consultant at Business Sweden Alma Basha’s journey has been shaped by diverse experiences and continuous learning.

Alma Basha discovered Business Sweden during her internship at the Swedish embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the fall of 2019. Working closely with Swedish companies in the region, she found herself intrigued by the challenges they faced and the potential for growth. Upon completing her master’s thesis and contemplating her post-graduation career, she stumbled upon an opportunity at Business Sweden’s Austria office and relocated to Vienna in January 2021.

What was your role in Vienna?

– I worked as an Associate and later on was promoted to Consultant. During my time in Vienna, I mainly supported Swedish companies who wanted to establish in the region, we worked with everything from market analysis to partner searches. Since the office in Vienna also cover other countries, I also collaborated with partners, engaged in public affairs and explored innovation opportunities on specific industrial challenges faced by Swedish companies in other countries in the region.

Alma Basha

Titel: Consultant, Smart Industry & New Materials.

Utbildning (skola och examensår): MSc Political Science at University of Gothenburg, graduation 2020.

What does the transition from associate to consultant entail?

– Many individuals, myself included, enter Business Sweden as Associates, typically spending around two years in that role before transitioning to Consultants. During this period, we explore various service offerings, collaborate with international teams, and gain exposure to different markets. As a Consultant, one assumes greater responsibility, including leading projects, managing budgets, and mentoring junior colleagues.
The promotion process at Business Sweden is designed to provide opportunities for professional growth and development. While a significant portion of learning takes place through on-the-job experiences, I also had the privilege of undergoing a comprehensive three-day training session in my role as Consultant.

Why did you relocate to Business Sweden’s Gothenburg office?

– I remained in Vienna until August 2023. However personal considerations prompted my return to Sweden. Despite initial uncertainty about my future at Business Sweden’s Sweden organization, due to availability of job openings in Sweden at the time, I was fortunate to find a position at the office in Gothenburg. This opportunity allowed me to rejoin the organization and continue my professional journey with Business Sweden.

”The global reach fosters a sense of unity and collaboration”

Describe your current role in Sweden!

– I’m part of the Materials and Industrials team, focusing on supporting SMEs in their global expansion as well as assisting foreign companies in identifying potential manufacturing sites in Sweden.

How would you describe the culture at Business Sweden?

– With offices in over 40 countries and approximately 500 employees worldwide, Business Sweden may not be a large corporation, but its global reach creates a sense of unity and collaboration. Cross-market collaboration is commonplace, erasing geographical boundaries and enabling colleagues to connect and collaborate seamlessly.

How does Business Sweden's culture encourage learning and development?

– From the onset, new employees are provided with onboarding plans, ensuring a smooth integration into the organisation. Training opportunities, ranging from Associate to Managerial levels, are readily available. Additionally, an array of online courses and internal training sessions enables continuous skill development. Even though there are formal trainings and sessions most of the learning is on-the-job, since the culture encourages knowledge sharing, with colleagues often presenting lessons learned and success stories, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Do you have any advice for newcomers seeking to maximise their learning at Business Sweden?

– Curiosity and fearlessness are key. Embrace opportunities to ask questions and immerse yourself in new experiences. At Business Sweden, a culture of openness and exploration paves the way for personal and professional growth.

Text: Sara Schedin

Business Sweden

Business Sweden hjälper svenska företag att öka sin globala försäljning och internationella företag investera och expandera i Sverige. För svenska företag gör vi det genom att korta tid till marknad, hitta nya intäktsströmmar och minska risk. För internationella företag gör vi det genom att hitta nya affärsmöjligheter, öka kapitalavkastningen och vara ett opartiskt stöd. Med nätverk på alla nivåer erbjuder vi strategisk rådgivning och handfast support. Business Sweden är representerade i hela Sverige och har kontor på över 50 av världens mest intressanta marknader. Business Sweden har cirka 500 medarbetare varav ca 400 arbetar i utlandet. Läs mer:

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