Volvo Cars

“Care is our motto and I’m really proud of it”


Text: Tina Lindström Carlsson

Foto: Julia Sjöberg

Emelie Emanuelsson, Volvo

Volvo Cars offers great opportunities for development with room for family and leisure time too.

Emelie Emanuelsson, with an M.Sc in Engineering, who started at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg in February 2015, acts as the link between development and the commercial side.
“My job involves weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of what can be developed and what will sell. I’m responsible for one line that involves the wheels, braking system, steering system, chassis and climate system, which almost 500 engineers work on.”

Emelie Emanuelsson

Title: Solution Business Owner Vehicle Motion & Climate.
Education: M.Sc in engineering specializing in design and product realization, KTH Stockholm, qualified in 2011.

What attracted you to Volvo?

“I was attracted by the brand. When I moved home after three years in Zürich, Volvo Cars had just launched the XC90 model and I thought it was really great to be working with the coolest company in my home city of Gothenburg. And everyone here relates to cars. I like that.”

Describe one occasion when you were proud of your input.

“I used to work in the air quality department and I’m proud that we’ll soon be launching a completely new product for the car market. Clean air inside the vehicle is about filtering out the bad particles. Polluted air kills 4.2 million people a year so if we can help people to breathe clean air in our cars, we can make a major contribution as a car company.”

What makes you proud of your employer?

“Volvo Cars has come a long way in terms of putting the focus on people and their health and safety. One example is that we’ve now opened up a discussion about setting the maximum speed of our cars at 180 km/h. We think in a unique way and work on the basis of the watchword ‘care’ – that makes me very proud.”

How do you find the balance between work and private life?

“I have two children, run an organisation outside my job, and like inventing things and I’ve always found that Volvo Cars really gives you the opportunity to do that. In the summer our car factory at Torslanda shuts down for a long break. If you want a job where you can develop your career and have time over for children and family, Volvo Cars is an excellent employer.”

Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars ser fram emot morgondagen med tillförsikt. Vi är stolta över våra produkter och vår kultur. Vad som gör oss unika i bilvärlden är fokuseringen på de mänskliga värdena i livet. En omsorg om våra kunder, omgivande miljö och självklart våra medarbetare. Nyckeln till framgång ligger i våra medarbetare och vår möjlighet att utmana, lära, skapa nya möjligheter och snabbt genomföra förändringar.

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